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Measuring Spark Gap

Measuring / Chopping Gaps (100mm) Measuring  / Chopping Gaps (250mm) Measuring Spark Gap (250-500mm) Measuring Spark Gap (500mm) Multiple Choppong Gap (1200 kV) Multiple Choppong Gap (2000 kV)

Measuring Spark Gap are widely used for high voltage measurement, calibration & during chopped wave impulse tests. We offer these Measuring / Chopping Gaps with sphere diameters 100mm, 250mm, 500mm, etc. These Measuring / Chopping Gaps are designed in compact size and are light in weight, which make them portable. We offer these Measuring / Chopping Gaps at very reasonable prices.

We also manufacture Multiple Chopping Gaps (Electro magnetically operated and also pneumatically operated) for integration with our Impulse Generators for chopping tests.