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High Voltage Construction Kit

We are acknowledged for providing a wide array of very compact High Voltage Construction Kit that includes High Voltage AC Test Set, High Voltage DC Test Set and Impulse Test Setup. High Voltage Construction Kit that we offer is made using high-grade components and accredited for attributes like high strength, precise construction, accurate results, portable, light weight, etc. These kits are specially designed for educational institutions for under graduate, post graduate and research studies / experiments with all requisite safety specialties and can be very easily dismantled and reassembled in short time by students. These kits are also well suited for small equipment testing like vacuum interrupters, lightning arresters, insulators small transformers, switchgears etc. These kits are suitable for integration with partial discharge measuring equipments and capacitance & tan delta bridge. These kits provide a very good alternative for small laboratories at a very reasonable price. They also require small space in comparison to the regular large designs. Inter-convertable High voltage construction kits from WSTS are available in the ranges 100kV to 300kVAC and 140kV to 400kVDC, 420kV impulse and fully satisfy IEC60060 OR IS2071.

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High Voltage AC Test Set

We are acknowledged as one of the recognized firms engaged in providing highly efficient High Voltage AC Test Set that is available in 100KV, 200KV and 300KV. High Voltage AC Test Set is specifically designed to test cables and other electrical equipment as well as industrial appliances. Our High Voltage AC Test Set is known


High Voltage DC Test Set

We are offering precisely designed High Voltage DC Test Set that is used for insulation resistance testing, leakage current measurement, etc. We make available High Voltage DC Test Set in 140KV, 280KV and 400KV. Our High Voltage DC Test Set is portable and highly in demand owing to its excellent performance. We make available


Impulse Test Setup

Our Impulse Test Setup is specifically designed to generate impulse voltages, which stimulates lightning strokes and switching surges. Our Impulse Test Setup is available in 140KV, 280KV and 420KV. Impulse Test Setup features charging rectifier, impulse voltage divider, impulse voltage measurement system, etc. Impulse Test